Restaurante Yakiniku Master Japanese Barbecue – Shanghai, China

Today we present the Master Yakiniku Japanese Barbecue Restaurant, It is located in Shanghai, China and interior of this restaurant has been designed by the company Golucci International Design.

The restaurant 300 square meters and capacity for 130 people, The interior is a harmonious blend of modern and minimalist design with references to Chinese traditional Japanese architecture.

It stresses much the use of wood frame structures of traditional Japanese architecture, Y, in particular, oak or latticework screens that simultaneously divide and unite various sections of the restaurant.

If you look at the crescent-shaped ceiling light lamps designed by Golucci, we can see that refer to small traditional Chinese boats.

On the floor we can see a rectangular patches of carefully arranged stones that resemble a typical Zen style, feature of Chinese gardens.

The large black and white mural behind the bar area shows the silhouettes of typical Chinese roofs.

But especially notable black ink color of the wall for stacking the traditional charcoal grilled Japanese.





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