Steps to choose the restaurant of your company dinner

Steps to choose the restaurant of your company dinner

Si quereis que una cena o food company sea perfecta, one of the main keys is to choose the perfect restaurant. further, del tipo de gente que conforme el grupo de vuestra cena de empresa dependerá en gran medida la elección de uno u otro restaurante: ¿Be Karaoke? Do you like the free bar? Do you want to dance? Do not you have one euro and what you want is an affordable menu?

Before launching into the pool advisable to have the opinion of the majority. It is true that you can never have pleased everyone, but The more time you spend preparing your business dinner as we will then advise you, more likely to succeed will you have.

The 3 basic to choose your restaurant for business dinner keys are:

1.- Lo primero es concretar la fecha, the time and the number of guests who will attend the dinner business

Cuando se trata de comidas o cenas para grupos no se debe ir “what emerges”, because it is safer than food ends up being a disaster. Ten en cuenta que con los compañeros de trabajo sólo se queda un par de veces al año para sociabilizar en este tipo de comidas o cenas, so nothing can go wrong, such as having to wait for not having booked before, they do not have all the dishes on the menu, if there is any special preferences celíaco or not they can be cared for properly, etc.

2.- Elegir una zona y un acceso fácil y rápido para todo el mundo

A la hora de elegir restaurants for business scenes es muy importante la zona y el acceso. The restaurant can be great but if the area is far from most, You will not have parking for all, no bus lines for those who have no car or do not want to take because they will drink… we started bad! Very resorted in these cases, It is to choose a downtown restaurant that can always go by public transport, and then it has more sites around to keep the party. Or choose an area near the company where everyone knows the tricks to park or get fast.

3.- No dejes ningún detalle para última hora

A special decoration or tematizada you want me in the restaurant? Do you want the tables are arranged in a particular way? Talk to the restaurant and confirm these details. This is perfect for system 10Restaurantes, where you only have to enter your request with all the requirements you want, your budget, requirements for the party as open bar, the baths, etc… Behind this you just have to wait for restaurants that meet your criteria make you offers for you to choose the one you like best. It can not be faster and easier and also free.

It is very important to note all guests

A la hora de elegir un restaurante para comidas o cenas de empresas You must take into account the different tastes of your fellow.

  • Have a varied menu that appeals to everyone

It is likely that if you go to a Japanese restaurant, to grill meat or a vegetarian you meet someone in the group who does not like that kind of food, because they are so specialized that no preferences will fill most. So optéis is the best thing for a restaurant with an extensive menu and varied.

  • You must consider if there are people in the group with certain peculiarities

Intolerant to Gluten, allergic to shellfish, some vegan… It is very important to consider these important details; If you think necessary, coméntaselo the chef to prepare special menus for them.

  • Personality enterprise group

In general, How are you in your company? Lo mejor que podéis hacer es diveritida encuesta y preguntar a tus compañeros If you prefer a private room, vinoteca, terrace or lounge, playground in the event that you may not leave your offspring with grandparents; kitchen or music and live show; If you prefer a dinner cocktail type, If you want spectacular views or a restaurant in a rural area, if you have feel like bartending service, etc., etc.

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