The 10 best restaurants for business dinners in Madrid

We are in full preparations to date all you will enjoy within a month and a half, in the long-awaited Christmas. One of the quotes that almost all those who have jobs can celebrate with gusto, is the dinner or business lunch.

In these events we get together with our colleagues from work, whom we see every day but a very serious context and, at least once a year in festive mood see attitude.

So you can enjoy the best dinners or business lunches, we will give you a list the 10 best restaurants in Madrid to celebrate them, the best possible office party.

Celebrate your company dinner in Madrid in one of these spectacular restaurants



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AlegoríA es una sala especializada en la celebración de todo tipo de eventos que al poseer own catering and restaurant area It provides services such as: coffee breaks, almuerzos o cenas de empresas y cócteles, It has everything a customer may need.

further, It has available to its customers medios técnicos as projector, plasma screens, Wireless microphones and lapel, screenshot 4×3, Wi-Fi and live sound equipment. In Alegoria you aconseguirás enjoy dinner or business meal memorable and fun.


El Gordo de Velazquez

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El Gordo de Velázquez, a restaurant whose name and image are inspired by the novel The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens, It is the fruit of Carmen's passion for cooking Sinovas .

This investment in several businesses and assiduous client of catering and gourmet shop Semon (referent of the best Catalan cuisine in Madrid), a few months ago he decided to support one of his fetishes chefs in achieving their life dream: that of develop their own culinary style, at a local who is co-owner and for which it has prepared a letter of the most personal, It is including some of his most legendary creations like truffled cannelloni Semon or pie Jockey aubergines.

With a Prime location and capacity for more than 200 diners distributed in three heights and terrace.


Moss Madrid

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ROOM Club Moss is an elegant and modern space that generation transforms into a nightclub last with lighting, Sound, and the most spectacular visual, the exceptional enclave to enjoy an independent and exclusive atmosphere.

The select audience, come from all over the world, It is received in a unique atmosphere and cosmopolitan, accompanied by our amazing DJ, that will thrill. their 862 m2, divided into two semi-levels.



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kitchen there the new gastronomic Madrid. Located in a wonderful historic enclave in Princess Street 18, mews of the Liria Palace and a few meters from the Gran Vía, one of the arteries of Madrid.

Gastronomy, good atmosphere, exquisite service and leisure are the basic ingredients that account KÜCHE. Based cuisine with Mediterranean touches Basque tradition founded on very fresh produce quality and quality. In Küche can enjoy a mix of flavors and textures that come together in a delicious menu with multiple choices for foodies. All accompanied by a great wine list and champagnes with more than 80 references. Our kitchen is open continuously from 12 a 2 and guests can enjoy a relaxing lunch or dinner, to take the first drink or cocktail.


On Sesto

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Gastronomy, music and mixology top level in one of the best atmospheres in Madrid. Celebrar tu cena de empresa en Navidad en el D´Sesto te permitirá disfrutar de su apuesta Gastronómica de Cocina Mediterránea con toques internacionales en el Barrio Salamanca.

The home is designed with exquisite taste and is prepared to meet the most demanding customers and connoisseurs. features 500 metros cuadrados distribuidos en several rooms and features a VIP area on the second floor. Music is another attraction of this place which certainly looks set to become one the local restaurants and trendy Madrid in no time.


Larios Café

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Multiespacio mythical heart of the capital. Inside among other events held many film premieres madrid. his architectural style inspired by the Art Deco and perfect lighting create a pleasant and cosmopolitan feel New York style.

Have a cocktail after dinner, enjoy live music and dancing at the disco after, all without moving from the same place with your coworkers, It will make your perfect night!

10restaurants-top restaurant

top Restaurant

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Upstairs is the name of the bistro restaurant chef Ramón Freixa located on the first floor of the gastronomic space and leisure Platea Madrid. Chef awarded two Michelin stars (in the eponymous restaurant in Hotel Único Madrid), Top has designed a wide and varied Mediterranean menu, cocktails and menus for groups.

"Upstairs is the line Prêt à Porter in my kitchen, a concept of restaurant where tradition and modernity come together. Where madness and sanity, where you can share, where you can find dishes heritage ... in short, a place to enjoy the best company dinner this Christmas.


parade coffee

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The Défilé Café restaurant is located in the Salamanca district and is a place where fashion and cuisine come together. Exclusive decoration grabs you from the first moment and chic atmosphere invites you to taste its excellent food.

Its fusion cuisine offers a varied menu full of colors, tastes and smells carefully mixed to achieve a delicious and original result in your company dinner this Christmas. You can not miss trying milhoja of chinstrap with mashed potato and truffle touch or tuna tataki with wok vegetables. His winery has high quality wines, specially selected to accompany such delicacies, with a unique and original concept that seeks to make its star every day.

10restaurants and restaurant-samarkanda


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Samarkanda It is a concept of restoration absolutely renovated and completely innovative. Its location in the tropical garden Atocha Station is the meeting point for travelers bound AVE and step on the route of museums in Madrid.

This privileged location makes it the ideal restaurant for both breakfast, lunch and dinner for business or leisure as well as business lunches or dinners. Also offers a unique and exclusive setting for holding events.

Its cuisine and its excellent level of program activities make an extremely attractive place Samarkand and you will be able to organize a party with fellow unforgettable work.



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En el restaurante Kantamelade encontrarás una experiencia gastronómica única. Traditional cuisine with author presentation In the heart of the city, perfect for organizing business dinner at a point well located Madrid, Within everyone's reach.

The Kantamelade restaurant is the epitome of many things: his past, his philosophy, proposal, decoration, of staff, its location. What if, The name comes from the song, Although that's another story.

Book your restaurant for dinner company

As you can see, the options you'll find are perfect to plan and enjoy the best dinner or business lunch. Our advice is do not leave everything for later on the organization as, late everyone wants to go to the same places (the best) and these are already reserved.

So you do not take unawares / a, and enters the portal 10Reestaurantes and make your reservation. It can not be faster, simple and free as you just need to make a request to the preferences and basic information on what you're looking for, and restaurants will send you those proposals for you to choose the best.

We hope you enjoy Dinner your business as it should and carefully. If you want some tips on fashion, manners or ideas for fun on a night like this, I recommend you read the following articles:

Remember! If you do not already have your restaurant Christmas company dinner, enters 10Restaurantes, the leading portal in restaurants for business dinners, Make your request and receives the best proposals.

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