Wedding photos, A memory for life

Wedding photos, A memory for life

It is the illusion of your life and you want to immortalize that moment, it is in your retina wonderful and perfect. All the preparations and details are ready and now comes the day Photoshoot. But… What kind of album you want, how you want to remind, what image you want to have in your union?

Gone are the typical poses and only suitable for very classic couples, It is currently open mundo extraordinario de posibilidades. During the last years, wedding photos have evolved and are no longer what they were. Nor images, and framings, or funds… even the format is the same. Although, I must say, album paper and cardboard covers skin or still have a lot of life and, habitually, accompanies the CD or USB.

The scenarios have varied types and perched. The exteriors are transferred to beaches, natural landscapes, rustic facades… and interiors, a romantic spaces and manicured. They are common games with lights and Hatches, hues or images in series. You can even do with the wedding gowns or other clothing. It all depends on the preferences of the protagonists, the couple.

If you still have doubts about what kind of photographs by decantarte, since 10Restaurants we offer you a extracted sample options which can serve to help and inspiration to choose your wedding photo shoot.

The perfect restaurant to celebrate your wedding

And if you have not yet found restaurant for your wedding and have little time for it, we can help you. Just enter and send your request to the restaurants in your area, even specifying the budget and other important details for you. Own restaurants send you their best ideas, and you just have to choose the best option for your event is a success. No cost and without obligation. It's up to you. That easy!

I want to receive the best dining for my wedding

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