The best apps for your business dinner a success

If before the next company dinner you're going to hold you have some nerves, lazy or just do not know where to start, You have reached the indicated content.

The dinners are special events, ya que propician que todos los compañeros y compañeras de trabajo, you had much relationship with them in the company, They meet in un restaurante para celebrar una fiesta, en un ambiente mucho más distendido y que no se parece en nada al contexto en el que sueles alternar en el día a día con los compañeros de trabajo y jefes. Por ello es muy normal que aparezcan miedos, inseguridades e incluso las ganas de no ir, this last, option not recommended.

But we do not want anything to happen to you, We have developed a special plan for you. We will give you a guide to the best applications to prepare and enjoy dinner with all the guarantees company, and that once you are in your chosen restaurant with the rest of your classmates, you can have a fun time quiet and.

Apps that will help the company dinner

1.- KnockToCall: Timely call

Let's start to make sure you're not going to spend any awkward moment at this dinner, and you'll be when you retire you want. A good tip is not be the first nor the last to go home, and if the time comes where you want to go, Just use this imaginative app. It is KnockToCall, an application you can program to perform a "fake call" a tu Smartphone.

This timely call will help you leave the party without looking like you're an antisocial or unfriendly. Simply select the contact you want to appear on the screen, elegir el tono y activar el temporizador o dar un toque a tu Smartphone para que se active la llamada falsa.

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2.- Hangover Aid: The best remedy for "the day after"

We have said in many other articles on this blog that we strongly recommend that you control with alcohol at dinner company. Piensa que en esas fechas vas a tener otras muchas ocasiones para celebrar con tus amigos y familia, and to let your hair down, but not this time, with bosses and co-through.

In any case, we are all human and weak, Y if in the end fell into the clutches of drunken debauchery and fun on the back of your bosses, it is best to think of finding a solution the next day. And that solution is called Hangover Aid, one application provided a long list of soothing songs to help you overcome the headache, discomfort and dry mouth that will cause a hangover from the night before.

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3.- Alcohol 100: Or the best way to save a good scare

We know, You are those who do not like to drink, and you do not want to because you've left the next morning for running, you should know that you do not even taste like alcohol, but in the end you bundle. Nothing happens, the important thing is that we live and so should follow.

Por ese motivo es recomendable llevar a la cena de empresa una app como iAlcohol Lite, what will let you know the blood alcohol level and approximate time you'll need to drive.

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4.- Excuse Generator: A withdrawal time (almost always) It is a victory

Vale, Company dinner is not mandatory, That level official, but unofficially, It is an event you should not miss to maintain the proper functioning and harmonious labor relations.

So you stand at dinner with all the good intentions, vas superando etapas hasta que llegas los postres y el café, where attendees begin to unbutton buttons pants, tie knots and save heels. At that point you have two options: untie the John Belushi in you, and we'll see on Monday at the office, or retire now that you're still in time. But do not know how? Con Excuses have in the palm of your hand a long list of excuses to leave the party when hell you want.

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5.- Vivino: To become an expert in wine overnight

To not look like a bland, we suggest an interesting topic to talk with your classmates, or you may serve to introduce you to this conversation with the top brass of the company, and causing a very good impression.

Con Vivino lo único que tienes que hacer es tomar una foto de la etiqueta de la botella desde la app, and seconds later you can learn all the details: origin, description, price, user ratings…

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6.- questioned: Take off your sleeve a game at any time

Come given point night, is the presence may require some other game to liven up the party. At other times we've proposed interesting games to have a good time at dinner company, but this time, we bring the fun directly to the palm of your hand; When asked questions you will find in history, sports, language and literature, geography, science, shows and society. You can retaros each other, or group play.

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7.- Uber, Cabify Y MyTaxi

We know how these festive gatherings among coworkers, what is should never take risks when returning home, and cars for that night, They are nothing short of prohibited. Hoy en día cuentas con aplicaciones como Uber, Cabify y MyTaxi para conseguir transporte y volver a casa cómodamente y sin peligros. further, while you wait to get your vehicle you can track the position of the cab in real time.

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I want to receive the best dining for my company dinner

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