Report restaurants in Spain – October 2011

We present a new report on the evolution of restaurants in Spain, in this case adding the data collected in the month of October.

It has been a month with many requests in the categories of groups, it shows that we are already thinking about dinners with family, friends, job…. true?

Al contrario de todos estos últimos meses en los que Madrid seguía siendo la comunidad donde más demanda de restaurantes realizaban nuestros clientes, during this month of October we can see in the graph in Barcelona have asked for more restaurants than in previous months. Valencia also highlight, Asturias and Palma de Mallorca.

As shown in the graph and I commented at the beginning, Group category has been the most requested throughout the month, although we can not forget that couples are still the most sought also.

We show the average of diners in the different categories during the month of October:

And finally we see in the chart below as average spending per guest, it remains the same as in previous months and between 30 € and 50 € per guest.

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