Making the snack bar an unforgettable place

Ideas to make your beach bar an unforgettable place

arrive time to step on the sand, sunbathing, drinking and eating on the beach, have a snack or just a fresh drink or cocktail. No matter the time or day because usually in summer the bars are open to full time, from early morning until late at night. So it's not surprising to see the staff come together to enjoy the sunset or see the typical sunset. That if the geographical location permits. Know that a lot in Ibiza, for example.

The gastronomic offer we can find in bars is expected very varied. They come with or without kitchen, catering to certain hours or all day, and there are specialized and focused on beverages of all kinds to eat. But beyond the product offering, the snack bar is the relaxing place par excellence in vacation time.

Y, for this reason, it is essential the decor and furnishings accompany. what colors whites, blue and wood tones has succeed in these premises. awnings, pergolas or any fabric that serves to cover and protection from the sun You can have its charm if consciously designed to make our most attractive beach bar.

The idea is that the customer wants to never leave, it is an unforgettable place that evokes him comfort, disconnection and welfare. We can not forget the Musical ambient. Normally, estridencias fleeing the chances of success are greater. Triumphs soul, jazz, bossanova…. Definitely, everything invites us to pure relaxation. Snack is synonymous with holidays, fun time, relaxation, sun and sea…

Summer is here. And from 10Restaurants we want to share with you some images that can serve as inspiration for decorate or improve your beach bar. Here we show several boards Pinterest what, surely, will help you with your project.

Outdoor terraces and a restaurant are a great attraction

In the wake of meetings, events and outdoor celebrations, This time we want to recommend restaurants. They all have in common that are ideal for outdoor events, on their terraces or gardens. Now you just need realize the perfect place which carry out the celebration.

We suggest that you enter on our website, 10Restaurants and you make your request to find the restaurant that fits your needs. Tell us what your preferences and, in less than 24 hours, You have the best proposals for your local city, It is easy, Fast and free.

I want to receive proposals from restaurants to hold an outdoor event

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