Ideas for decorating a rural restaurant

Ideas for decorating a rural restaurant

As counterpoint beach and sun, he rural tourism It is on the rise. This alternative holiday -either break or longer- It is very popular for quite a few decades. What was once going to the field is now rural tourism, many times linked to gastronomy and sustainability. Is, every day more, a trend and a trend we can not ignore. Among the large and diverse range, noble style, the good work and excellence. Customers no longer want to spend your holiday in any rural accommodation and eat at any bar. They look for places with charm, with history, and projecting a different touch.

The decor in restaurants and country pubs, Country or rustic, as we want to define- It is also important. Simply, makes a difference. Beyond the product that offers business, the idiosyncrasies of it will make customers decant or recommend as must-see place for a vacation or mountain getaway. Not all have to be sun, heat and beach. The rural setting is gaining strength with the passage of time, if only in periods of rest.

Since 10Restaurants, we want to offer some ideas to improve the decor of your rural restaurant with several images extracted Pinterest that can serve as inspiration. The ochres, The woods, ceiling beams, stone walls… Everything counts. The tables, chairs, napery, cutlery, glasses and cups. Decorate a restaurant in country style can become a task of enjundia. Thus, we want to help with these boards.

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