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Following the continuous improvement of 10Restaurantes we have made the following changes:

  • Tabs are simplified and welcome pages in private customer panels and restaurants. In both cases they have changed places and style tabs Home and Help. These two tabs are located on the toolbar of the top-right as links. In the customer panel it has reduced the number of tabs and page two shower panel display customer requests: Restaurant on the panel also has changed the welcome page. If no active petitions in the restaurant area a little help will be displayed:And if you have active requests have been eliminated only two buttons / shortcuts because they had paths on the main menu tabs leading to the same sections:
  • It has also changed the style of buttons used in some requests listed as the customer on the panel proposals and stored in the restaurant:
  • We have changed the top of the page completely. It added the connection to Facebook and buttons to log on as a client and restaurant change design and site. In addition to the links to section. Here's how it works and to open the form of Support. Users who have an account on Facebook can have a customer account with 10Restaurantes just click the button at the top of the page.
    By creating a petition, They may log in through your Facebook account. We also added widgets to share 10Restaurantes on Google+, Twitter y Facebook.
  • We have also expanded the types of files allowed for proposed restaurants. previously only allowed PDF files and doc. They are now also permitted docx, jpg y png:

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