Details manicure for the bride look perfect on her wedding day

With the wedding day just around the corner, we can not leave to chance some details that will make this great event of our lives. Since it can not be otherwise, the bride has been, It is and will be the center of attention at a wedding. For this reason, You should take care of any detail and hands are no less. What girlfriend has not thought about how it will look your hands, his nails, Day Celebration? rings, bracelets, manicure… all matters.

In recent years, we have seen proliferate premises where we can dress up your nails. It is not a matter of high society. Attended the democratization Manicure over the past decade, in which the sector has developed considerably. Not only we talk about the nail itself, but the total hand care, which may include paraffin treatments, creams, spas, etc.

The bride who wants to look perfect have to think what kind of manicure want. The basic premises are, obviously, the elegance, simplicity and, Of course, that is consistent with the dress that day will. If we talk about a traditional wedding, as defendant, definitely, Are the nails pastel colors and very soft, French or simple manicure with some type of decoration in white or beige, as the base. Although, yes, always there who are willing to risk, innovate or draw attention. Matter of taste.

The type of manicure for the bride will always very personal, tailored to your preferences. We want to share with you a unique selection of manicures for brides drawn from Pinterest. Here we leave what, In our opinion, it may be a good sign that we serve as a basis for the final choice.









Where will you celebrate your wedding?

Beyond the locker room, jewelry or details such as manicure, a world opens up before us when we think how we want our wedding celebration. the lounge, the organization of the tables and their disposal, center details, flowers, music ... endless details that make a whole end. yes, what matters is to have the best possible and keep the mood of the attendees in style with the best feast made for you.

In 10Restaurants we offer a variety of restaurants for all tastes, besides many ideas, details, suggestions. You just have to choose what you like.

I want to receive the best dining for my event

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