Details Communion to captivate your customers and your guests

Details Communion to captivate your customers and your guests

When a restaurant is able to adapt its spaces to offer its customers the best possible scenario for holding a First Communion, or any other event, it certainly is making the difference.

This is what we propose below. En 10Restaurantes recibimos diariamente gran cantidad de peticiones de clientes que buscan un lugar perfecto para celebrar su evento. Besides its own specifications of each, all have something in common, and is that They want a restaurant that is able to adapt to all your requirements, Or the majority. Definitely, who knows how to provide all the ingredients for cooking an unforgettable event.

A continuación vamos a ofrecerte 5 ideas que te ayudarán, as restaurant or catering company specializing in event, a ofrecer las mejores opciones a los clientes que busquen un restaurante para celebrar la Primera Comunión your son / daughter this spring:

5 details to decorate a First Communion and captivate guests

products with little gift cards included

Un bonito detalle que gustará a los invitados más pequeños y que, in many cases, Most will be in such events. Inside the card you can leave a space for the host or hostess enter a dedication to guest thanking their presence on such a special day.

Bottles with flowers hanging from trees

It is without doubt one of the best ideas that have emerged in decorating outdoor spaces in recent times. Present in all Boho-Chic holidays and other styles, dan un aire romántico y mágico a los espacios. Apostamos por que será el marco estrella para las fotografías de recuerdo ese día.

Staircase with planks

Have you ever seen a more original idea to create a table with various heights and long enough? US Niether. We invite you to be inspired by this fabulous staircase decorated for the occasion. Imagine that you can have in the garden of an area well, with candy and sweets for after the banquet. You triunfarás.

floreada bike to lead the way

In this type of event, such as First Communions, and when performed in outdoor spaces, They are usually put lampposts lying, or simple sticks to indicate the snack area, the food and dance, for example. But without doubt the best idea is to place a beautiful vintage style bicycle como ésta, with signs indicating where it is everything.

Gaming Tent

Children, the age at which celebrated First Communion want to be most of the time running and playing, that's true. But so it is, These celebrations usually extended. So that parents can also enjoy some time to relax, you can place on the exterior of your restaurant a tented how are you, cushioned and comfortable areas “leverage” a while. There They will tell stories, talk quietly, or a break from the game.
Take advantage of these great ideas and begins to respond to requests that customers are doing porque necesitan un restaurante para celebrar la Primera Comunión de sus hijos.Ya sabes cómo conseguir que tu negocio marque la diferencia, only now it is to implement it.

I want to see if I have requests from customers for First Communions


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  1. Esto es ¡genial! No he leído algo como esto antes . Maravilloso encontrar a alguien con algunas ideas originales sobre este tema. Este blog es algo que se necesita en la red , alguien con un poco de sinceridad. Un trabajo útil para traer algo nuevo a la red. Gracias de todos lo que te leemos.

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