How it all started? 10 ordered in you will start a smile (or a tear)

How it all started? 10 ordered in you will start a smile (or a tear)

Immersed in the middle of wedding season, By now we all have our stories and anecdotes, views and memories of celebrations which have been or which will soon arrive.

But ... how did it all? What happened before we know little often. Whew that are social networks so that we can find out!

Who has not been involved in the story that a friend or relative of her betrothal or someone who knows? A moment that has its importance. Because there is a whole process of announcements and preparations until the expected wedding day is forged. A process that can be as short or as long as mark the characters and their circumstances, and in which usually several people involved; family, friends and even professionals topic. Everything for the big day perfect.

Before you put to work to start preparing everything, we want to share what, in our opinion, son the most original videos ordered from the hands of Youtube. Esperamos que los disfrutes tanto como nosotros y nos digas “Yes, I want! see them”.

Aboard a plane

During a class

At the mall

The rhythm guitar

between dances, music and applause

At the cinema, Wow papelón!

Protagonists of a street show

The cheerleader, Queen of the track

Romantic representation in the theater

In this technology and love no borders

Restaurants for weddings: The second order of importance

There is no doubt that once the bride has given the 'yes, I love you 'to your partner in the requested, he second point to explore is where the ceremony will take place and what will be. Previous debate begins all debates: where he will celebrate. Choosing the perfect restaurant for an unforgettable day is no small matter.

a world opens up before us when we think how we want our wedding. the lounge, the organization of the tables and their disposal, center details, flowers, music ... endless details that make a whole end. yes, what matters is to have the best possible and keep the mood of the attendees across the top. a 10Restaurantes, we offer a variety of restaurants for all tastes.

The arduous task of finding the ideal scenario

As we have seen in these videos, weddings begin long before the big day. The requested start acting many who will accompany us to the 'Yes, I want’ definitive. Y querrás que la celebración sea como siempre soñaste. For this reason, when deciding the restaurant for your wedding, remember that we help because we also want to partake of this great event.

In 10Restaurants you can find the perfect setting, besides many ideas, details, suggestions. Do we you invite your wedding? You just have to choose what you like. Come on! And told him 'Yes, I want’ and now it meet the rest of your dreams.

I want to receive the best dining for my event

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