5 party ideas for a perfect divorce

5 party ideas for a perfect divorce

Sometimes in life it happens that forking paths, the time to separate what once composed a unit arrives. And behold, we find what, nowadays, It is common in our society: The divorce. Statistics say, according to data from Statistics National Institute (OTHER), marriages ending in separation generally last one half of 16 years and that this change usually comes overcome the barrier of 40 years. Spain is at the top 5 European countries with the highest divorce rate. between separations, divorces and annulments, in 2016, They were verified 101.294 cases.

But beyond the break, change and statistics, reality appears. begins a new life for those involved. Y, especially, It spreads a trend in countries like the United States is quite common and that, increasingly in our, It is becoming common. We talk about the Divorce parties or celebrations. It is merely the divorced / a decides to celebrate closing a stage, what begins a new, that there is a future must be better. So it's reason to celebrate, especially with close friends / as and, why not, also with relatives or loved ones.

There are different reasons for celebration and, since 10Restaurants, we want to give 5 ideas that you decide to celebrate this event:

  • Release: More than a frustration or failure, many people feel a huge release after consummating the separation or divorce. Life is better to start a solo -a priori- to continue a torturous.
  • New life: Who has not longed, even for a moment, that singleness stage in which freedom was the leitmotiv of our lives. Well now it begins a path that can be likened to that pretty. You will have its positive side, definitely.
  • themed party: It is the ideal opportunity to start the imagination and elevate mood. They can help your best friends / as or you can even hire the services of a company to organize you a party to remember. further, the idea is to throw a party for adults only. There is no question of forgetting the little ones, but give us a break of relaxation and fun without concern I have fun.
  • rituals: You can even hold some of these traditional rites like the night of San Juan. Accumulate some objects from the old life and burn them to dramatize the transition. Mentally it can be assumed to slam the door to the past. Carpe Diem.
  • choose place: And the most important. fun means share a table and tablecloth. Good food, drinks, music, photocalls, costumes… looking for a restaurant where you can complete your event the way you like.
  • A large cake, drinks with details, photocalls or even suits for the occasion. Anything goes to the party is at the top.

    from 10Restaurantes, we offer some images extracted Pinterest that can inspire you to celebrate the beginning of your new life.

    Have you already chosen the restaurant to celebrate your event?

    If you have not found your restaurant to celebrate and have little time for it, we can help you, just enter and send your request to the restaurants in your area, even specifying the budget and other important details for you. The own restaurants send you their best ideas, and you can choose the best option for your event is a success, that easy.

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