5 steps to get dinner funnier company

5 ideas for a company dinner fun

The dinners are business and corporate event highlights they will have soon those working. For that reason, on dates close to this party, one walks over thinking more vacation than work itself.

After a year of hard work and just before the bulk of the company take their vacation weeks, as usually it happens in Spain, They are often carried out dinners and / or meals that co-workers come together and give a tribute just before stopping a few days to rest.

In these cases, the best is find the right restaurant to host such events and parties. If this is put at our disposal, we will hit the mark, as it will allow us to configure a dinner or business lunch more lively and fun, just measure and tastes of group members.

As we do not want anything left to chance, we will share a brief guide to good Tips to avoid getting lost in organizing an event like this, which they will help you find the perfect restaurant for business dinner.

How actually you make a dinner or a meal perfect company?

1.- Begins to prepare everything in time

For all partners of the company can go, it is best to start preparing this feast at the earliest possible. Thus, everyone can organize their schedules and make available the day is finally chosen to celebrate dinner or business lunch.

2.- Choose the right restaurant for the best company dinner

Another basis points to hit a business lunch or dinner, and that everything goes in it as we Had you planned or even better, It is done with the help of the restaurant where you will celebrate. Find one that specializes in such events, and fully put at your disposal to offer the most personalized service possible.

3.- Poneros office agree on what menu to choose groups

To give you agree on the menu for groups chosen, it is best to ask everyone for their food tastes, and do a choice that can please most.

It might look really sushi, and other coworkers, but considering the rest of the office, and that the party is not a failure, We try to find a menu for groups food you can like him at all. It is at this point when we ask if anyone has any allergies or intolerance certain foods, to avoid.

4.- The location is very important

If there is a reason that justifies what was said in the first point, start preparing the party with time, It is precisely because the restaurants with the best locations are usually full during these dates. Those who are close to the entertainment and drinks are the most demanded, and when the truth, All companies want to get away with it.

5.- Think about games for fun after lunch or dinner

If the goal of an event of this type is that workers spend time together in a relaxed atmosphere and learn more from each other, we can prepare a series of games to perform at dinner Company.

  • Karaoke

While it is true that at first may cost a little to break the ice, soon comprobaréis as those hidden personalities of the company are uncovered with a perfect imitation Nino Bravo, Elthon John Adele. Definitely, Karaoke is a safe bet for the laughter and nostalgic moments, and no shortage hymns and getting very fun nights are passed.

  • Home

To make this contest fun, you can face two by two colleagues who must dance different styles. Every time one will be red and the other blue, so that at the end of the public of a verdict or any identification cards of each color each style of dance.

  • Team games

Prepare a simple and fun gymkana inside the restaurant, whenever possible, It is easier than it seems to be. Suffice it to have a reserved not disturb other diners and groups. We recommend games like lead from one wall to another an egg on a spoon, hold a ball between the legs jumping without crashing crossing a section set, etc. Options can be as many as the imagination allows.

  • Riddles and questions: "Who did that?”

This game can be done with historical figures and curious facts, or people of the company and humorous anecdotes. It will be a good excuse to tell the best stories which he has left office year after year.

  • Photos with the official dinner #hashtag company

it therefore one #hashtag, for example Instagram, and that all dinner upload photos with this tag, to the end of the night award the author of the photo with the most likes.

The key to organizing the best dinner company is 10Restaurantes

If there is any time that workers of the company recall all year, It is certainly the day of lunch or dinner for office mates, where they will meet with their colleagues and even bosses to have some fun before going to enjoy your well deserved vacation.

Finding a suitable restaurant for this type of event is very important, as It facilitates the event takes place the best way and as directed by the protagonists.

Go into 10Restaurants and choose among more than 2.000 restaurants throughout Spain specializing in events such as dinners. Make a request, and between the proposals of those restaurants that meet the requirements of your office, only you have to choose the one you like and enjoy! Enters to get the best business dinner for you and your coworkers.

I want to receive proposals from restaurants for my company dinner

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