10 Trends for summer restaurants you need to know

10 trends for restaurants that will mark the 2017

The hospitality industry is the main economic engine of our country right now. further, at the gates of one of the peak seasons in restaurants and hotels, should raise some vision and look forward in order to detect those trends that will enable our business to stay on the crest of the wave.

That's why we offer below the 10 hottest trends this summer you must know and apply, to the extent possible you, in your business or restaurant.

10 trends for restaurants you need to know

1.- Vegetables are fashionable

Restaurants throughout Spain have joined the bandwagon of vegetarianism in recent years. It seems that a trend that comes from the US extends and that, últimamente health food quality and food preferences make diners future, and each time more, this.

2.- Give him a chance to organic food

‘Ecofriendly’, ecological or organic restaurants, etc. The trend of healthy eating adjectives has filled the world of hospitality and in this context increasing demand for healthy food, healthy menus, ecology and ethics in agriculture and livestock, as well as the processing and handling of food, Disruptive models have emerged restaurants focused in this direction and are gaining a great success.

3.- Use of ugly products, el #trashcooking

There are many initiatives that have arisen from the need to harness the vast amount of food thrown away local hospitality every day. Movements such as the company "ugly redistributing products" Imperfect Produce or “Zero Waste”, US driven by some students who collect leftover food from restaurants to give you a food use focused on people with fewer resources, They have been very successful. while Many other businesses are beginning to use different ways to avail themselves of as much food as possible, and do not throw anything.

4.- Add color to your dishes

Beyond level management trends and business ideas, There is also room to discuss culinary trends, and is that food colors, especially the black, It will become trend, and smoked products, braised or colored. If you do not serve anything accompanied by black bread, You can start doing.

5.- Letters and flavors fusion

The mixture of cultures that occurs in all parts of our country is a fact, por ello en alguna de las principales ciudades están aflorando restaurantes especializados en la comida fusión que ofrecen a sus comensales experiencias acompañadas de nuevos sabores y olores, pero realizadas con mucho arte y nos están descubriendo muchas especias y matices que incorporamos de manera natural a nuestra dieta.

6.- Boles y Freakshakes

Here come into play new customer preferences that has become so important for restaurants: los millennials. For ease of handling, the opportunity to better mix several ingredients or dipping bread, the youngest have opted for these supports and why it is not uncommon to see them in the food and beverage outlets hipper US, lugar desde donde emanan la mayor parte de tendencias que posteriormente llegan aquí.

7.- Gastronomic tourism

In an era when travel or accommodations They have been changed by experience, expeditions on holiday are being used increasingly for know and enjoy the cuisine of different places visited. 10Restaurants It is perfect for this because customers can make their requests to any city in Spain.

8.- Digitization hospitality

Portals like 10Restaurantes are the best proof that, various forays into the digital world Restaurants represent an opportunity to improve the business or operation of some processes. Thus, get your restaurant events, or connect with users or customers has never been so easy.

9.- new consumers

In the center of strategies restaurants that follow the latest trends It has cast the customer. Gone was the era of product, which retains its importance, but it must always be adapted to customer needs in order to offer the best experiences.

10.- The view of diners

Nowadays, one of the trends no restaurant can leave out is the analysis and control of your reputation online. Además de 10Restaurantes, there are many places and websites where customers leave their opinions about the experiences they have lived in the various restaurants, aspect that becomes much more relevant given the assiduity with which users consult these portals opinion before opting for one or another restaurant.

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