The 10 best clubs in Madrid for dinner company never ends

Madrid is undoubtedly the most sparkling and active city in the country along with Barcelona, in which no shortage of alternatives for have fun.

If something has highlighted Madrid for years, It is for your night. Since the years of the Movida Madrileña until today, the capital has served as a meeting point for young people across Spain wanting to enjoy the local environment and they can find in the capital.

Company dinners They are one of the most anticipated moments worldwide, because they allow a good time in the company of friends from work. When it has done at lunchtime, it touches is a good Tardeo, and it is company dinner, the same but with the festive atmosphere and scoundrel night.

If your colleagues and you want to enjoy dinner in the company of the best party, we recommend booking site in one of the best clubs in the city. Pay attention.

The best clubs in Madrid to extend the business dinner

1.- La Posada de las Animas

In the neighborhood of Salamanca, It is not unusual to see the most famous faces of the current scene dancing in their tracks. further, features best reserved so it is chosen by many leading businessmen to close her business. Feel the Jet Set for one night.


2.- Bucca Madrid

One of the most exclusive clubs in the Capital, with an alternative leisure different, It is only by organizing shows and performances. Of course, if you want a special dinner party after company, Bucca Madrid is the site.


3.- Serrano 41

Choose this if you will follow the dinner party company in one of the most prestigious clubs in the Capital. With music different environments depending on the day, also it has a perfect terrace or garden for smokers.


4.- Disco Velvet

This is one of the trendiest nightclubs now, located between Gran Via and Santo Domingo, his exclusive atmosphere, central and avant-garde They offer the opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled night color.


5.- Hole 19

Next to the Puerta de Alcalá and Retiro you have this club more relaxed atmosphere. Try their specialty cocktails and other indoor and outdoor spaces (It has a magnificent terrace) dinner to celebrate the company more relaxed.


6.- Kapital theater

Now it is the most famous nightclub around Madrid, up 7 stories high, takes over 30 years offering party to all who want. The surprise for those who dare to reach the top floor, It is a smoking area and a terrace to enjoy the night while you're on holiday.


7.- Barceló theater

What in other times he called pasha, now it is still considered one of the most luxurious and exclusive nightclubs in Madrid. One of the most sought after in times of dinners.


8.- Sala But

Right now, This is the club of hipsters and indies, They are reaching the Malasaña drenching everything modernity and electronic music. Of course, If home with the style of the company, It will be the best possible choice.


9.- Sala Gabana

Which for many it is the best nightclub in Madrid, Without a doubt is the most exclusive and famous moment. Mario Vaquerizo, or the recently deceased Bimba Bosé, They were two of his most popular resident DJ's. So it is not unusual to find a large number of celebrities having a drink or dancing inside.


10.- The shop

Located in the Golden Mile, Vanguard, fashion and exclusivity come together to become in recent years a reference of the Madrid night's VIP. Ideal for business meetings thanks to its magnificent reserved.

The shop

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