We are finalists in Camon Business-20!

This week informed us that He had been selected from the 20 mejores proyectos de concurso nacional Camon Business 2011.

Es un concurso de iniciativas e ideas empresariales promovido por la Social work from Caja Mediterráneo, organized by CAMON and the Association of Economists of Alicante y con la colaboración de Suma Y Random Affairs.

This past Saturday day 19 It was the first trial of the presentation, we were informed of the process and met the Camon space of Alicante. Next day 3 December we will present to perform a dress rehearsal. And finally the day 16 December will be the final. We will make our presentation, we will assess a jury will choose a winner from the 20 finalists. The winning idea will receive a prize of 10,000 €.

In this link you can see who are the 20 finalists:

We are very happy, excited and we're going to do great! We will keep you informed of everything that happens.

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